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Why Hemp Rope Lamps Are Popular In Europe?

Hemp rope style chandeliers are decorated with Nordic LOFT or retro industrial style. In short, the lamps assembled with hemp rope not only retain the original outline of the object, but also add the decorative elements of the rope, bringing a series of sensory contrast: delicate VS rough, industrial item VS natural rope,

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What are Lamp Holders?

A lamp’s base is one of the most important details in any lamp. The bulb holder acts as a conductor for the current, and is also responsible for connecting all the add-ons to the lamp. In order to attach the lamp base to the chandelier securely, the lamp bases must

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7 Tips to Choose Good Glass Pendant Lamps

The glass we are talking about is usually high lead glass because high lead glass has a high refractive index and is easy to produce an enamel effect. It is better to have no bubbles or few bubbles. The lamps specially made of bubble glass depend on whether the bubble size and

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welldiy rattan light

Why to Choose Wellsdiy Rattan Lamps?

Rattan, this kind of plant, is old with a long history. It is an indispensable element in people’s lives, especially in the production of lamps in recent years. Next, we will discuss why it is important to choose our rattan lamps. 1.Close to Nature and Eco-friendly Rattan chandeliers are made of

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How To Clear Pendant Light

How to Clean Various Types of Lampshades?

I believe many people know that there is a layer of a lampshade on the outside of the lamps we buy, which can not only protect the bulbs but also effectively gather the lights so that the lights have better illumination. After the lampshade is used for a long time,

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Indoor Lights

How to use light to get a good mood and health?

Although humans have evolved for thousands of years to fall asleep in the dark and wake up when bright, when people bend down and stare at our dazzling desk lamp and iPhone screen, at various anti-sunlight hours, this fact It’s easy to forget. In other words, modern lighting has got

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How to choose kitchen lights?

Why should we pay attention to the selection of kitchen lamps? 1.1Impact on people The layout of kitchen lamps is not only directly related to people’s vision health, activity safety, and work efficiency but also affects the environmental atmosphere and people’s spiritual mood. Therefore, the choice of kitchen lamps must

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3 Quick Ways to Clean Pendant Lights

1.Wear a pair of gloves to wipe the chandelier Material: white cotton gloves, glass cleaner (or a mixture of medical alcohol and distilled water in a ratio of 1:3) Specific methods:(1) Turn off the power;(2) Wear gloves with both hands, soak one of the gloves with detergent or mixed solution,

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All You Need to Know About Common Pendant Lighting Craft

Common indoor pendant lighting processes include spray paint, electroplating, matte, water transfer printing, and oxidation. Let us know them one by one. Spray Paint Spray painting is a painting technique in which a device sprays coating material (paint, ink, varnish, etc.) through the air onto a surface. The most common

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