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Who We Are

Established in 2002 in Minqing Fujian, Fuzhou Wells Import and Export Co., Ltd is a company with a long history in the electronic industry. With the request of clients, Wellsdiy was created, a lighting production company. Accordingly, its lighting production base was established in 2016 in Zhongshan China. Wellsdiy Lighting is a fast-growing lighting company that develops and manufactures unique lighting and components.
Wellsdiy works collaboratively with its clients. Located in Guzhen, Zhongshan, we have our own production base and 1500m2 lighting showroom. According to market demands and trends, we develop updated products. 
Quality is a priority for us. Since our establishment, we have built a strong reputation and presence at many professional Lighting Fairs. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards, including CE/VDE certification, adherence to BSCI, and ISO9001 international standards, to ensure that our customers receive only the  quality products. 
We are looking forward to connecting with you and sharing all that Wellsdiy Lighting has to offer.

What We Do

Decorative lighting for indoor areas

In order to make the indoor environment pleasant, restaurants, halls, studies, restaurants, shops and hotels need to use interior decorative lighting. The stylish interior design of a charming cafe or hotel leaves a better impression on the guests. Therefore, how to design and place indoor chandeliers is very important. Therefore, you need to choose different styles of lamps to match the interior decoration style.

indoor pendant lights

DIY Lights--Enjoy the joy of assembling lamps by yourself

We provide kinds of DIY pendant lights(wire, lamp holders and ceiling lights) and attach installation instruction in every products. You can do unique lights by yourself at home.

String Light--Create a good outdoor atmosphere

Outdoor dinners and parties, wedding scenes, etc. need string lights to create a variety of warm and romantic atmosphere. At important moments, various lamps and lanterns complement each other, leaving you with unforgettable memories.

If you are looking for something unique, we can always connect you with one of our lighting design partners.

string lights

From the inquiry to export--Made in Wells

How We Work

Excellent quality, modern designs, and meticulous work combined with our expertise lead to a steady optimization in our range.

From inquiry to export, our professional team will give you a one-stop professional and warm service.

Inquiry and Counteroffer

Ask customers about product details and packaging and communicate with customers, confirm product details, transaction methods, and payment methods.


According to the customer’s product requirements (size, packaging, material, quality requirements), transaction methods, payment methods, the price is determined within 24 hours.


Confirm the specific product details (size, packaging, material, special requirements) with the customer, and complete the proofing in about 2 weeks.

Purchase contract

Before signing the contract, confirm the delivery date with the customer. Then determine the final product quantity, details and delivery date.

Mass Production

Since 2003, we have formed a mature supply chain to ensure that products can be shipped in time. The salesman will update the production dynamics of the product in time

Quality Inspection

During mass production, our QC inspection team will check the quality of each part to ensure that it meets the quality requirements. We accept product testing from third-party companies and buyers. Currently our products have CE, ROHS and other reports

Shipment and Export

After the customer confirms the shipment, the salesperson will arrange the booking and prepare various export documents in time.



Fuzhou Wellsdiy lamps ISO9001

Our Strength



1. One-to-one professional service. 

2. Within 1 working day, reply to inquiry and provide solutions in 3 days.

 3.Providing detail product’s size. 

4.Lots of products for reference.

 5.Less 1% customer complaint rate.



Contact us and we will happily respond within 24 hours

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